"As queer white folks, it’s easy to focus on the homophobia we experience to the exclusion of other oppressions we don’t (eg. racism, transphobia for cis folks). Its easy to think that all bodies are ours to consume. Such entitlement is sadly a common microaggression. DeLaria’s defensive use of lesbianism and artistic license is not only insulting to Kara Walker as an artist but is also ignorant of the ways that multiple oppressions overlap and inform one another. DeLaria makes the mistake of thinking her oppression as a lesbian gives her automatic insight into the oppressions of black women without having actually done any of the emotional and intellectual work to gain such insight. Like so many others who attended the exhibit, it shows an ignorance and a fundamental disrespect for works created by artists of color."

me nd my cougar gf

  • me: babe i love your necklace
  • gf: thats me Life Alert®


I love watching people discover how gay they are

Every phone conversation with my parents during college



first things first i’m image

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